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Goldsoundz on WREK Atlanta 91.1 FM Presents: Dolfish Session [09 Jul 2011|09:02pm]

Click through for Facebook event page.
Click here for a free EP.

Join us as we offer a warm welcome to Afternoon Records' latest act, Dolfish, hailing from chilly Ohio. Max Sollisch will be stopping by to record a session for WREK Atlanta's indie rock specialty show Goldsoundz on Thursday, July 21st at 1pm.

You are cordially invited to come and listen for FREE! In fact, so are all of your friends. Invite everyone! This show is all ages and open to the general public.

The session will take place at Under the Couch, now located on the second floor of Georgia Tech's Student Center located at 350 Ferst Drive NW, Atlanta, Georgia.

Parking is available in the green areas shown on this map: http://pts.gatech.edu/Publ​ishingImages/Parking%20Map​.pdf

Please comment below with any additional questions!
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Creative Loafing Best of Atlanta Poll 2010 [30 Jul 2010|10:28pm]

As you may have heard by now, the Creative Loafing Best of Atlanta poll is open through Saturday, July 31st at midnight. As you may not have heard, WREK Atlanta 91.1 FM has a really awesome Indie Rock and Pop specialty show called Goldsoundz that airs every Tuesday at 6pm.

What's that you say? You've listened to us? Well, to hear us is to love us, so why not reciprocate some of that love and vote for WREK and Goldsoundz in the Creative Loafing Best of Atlanta 2010 poll: http://posting.clatl.com/atlanta/Survey?survey=1581949

If you haven't listened to us before, feel free to take a gander at the Goldsoundz blog where we post all our playlists and provide a 2 week audio archive: http://www.wrek.org/goldsoundz

As previously described, it will be love at first sound, so listen with caution! Then PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE vote for WREK and Goldsoundz in the Creative Loafing Best of Atlanta 2010 poll.

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Check it out!! [22 May 2009|02:29pm]

Help support TerminusCityTrade....my freinds new site!!
Clothes, jewelry, shoes, custom wigs and art! It's still in the works but check it out!!!
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[11 Sep 2008|11:49pm]

Minus the Bear at Variety Playhouse (Atlanta) on 1 Nov 2008
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Entertainment play NPR this Friday. [28 Aug 2008|03:54pm]

We're Playing NPR this Friday. 08.29.08, in Athens. @ 4-5pm EST

The show is called "It's Friday" and we'll be doing stripped down versions songs + an interview.

You can Stream it if you want to hear us.


Our myspace is here.
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